Freddie Mercury – Never Boring (Deluxe Edition) (2019)


Artist: Freddie Mercury
Album: Never Boring (Deluxe Edition)
Year: 2019
Genre: Rock
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 305 mb


01. The Great Pretender (Special Edition)
02. I Was Born To Love You (Special Edition)
03. Barcelona (2012 Orchestrated Version)
04. In My Defence (2000 Remix)
05. Love Kills (Special Edition)
06. How Can I Go On (2012 Orchestrated Version / Single Version)
07. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow (Special Edition)
08. Living On My Own (No More Brothers Radio Mix)
09. The Golden Boy (2012 Orchestrated Version / Single Edit)
10. Time Waits For No One
11. She Blows Hot And Cold (Special Edition)
12. Made In Heaven (Special Edition)
13. Let’s Turn It On (Special Edition)
14. Foolin’ Around (Special Edition)
15. Your Kind Of Lover (Special Edition)
16. Mr. Bad Guy (Special Edition)
17. Man Made Paradise (Special Edition)
18. There Must Be More To Life Than This (Special Edition)
19. Living On My Own (Special Edition)
20. My Love Is Dangerous (Special Edition)
21. Barcelona (New Orchestrated Version)
22. La Japonaise (New Orchestrated Version)
23. The Fallen Priest (New Orchestrated Version)
24. EnsueГ±o (New Orchestrated Version)
25. The Golden Boy (New Orchestrated Version)
26. Guide Me Home (New Orchestrated Version)
27. How Can I Go On (New Orchestrated Version)
28. Exercises In Free Love (New Orchestrated Version)
29. Overture Piccante (New Orchestrated Version)
30. Made In Heaven (Special Edition)
31. I Was Born To Love You (Special Edition)
32. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow (Special Edition)


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